Several years ago, I felt frustrated and unsure of what I was called to do. One day, I cried out to God and with tears running down my face, I opened my Bible for the first time in months. Not knowing much about how to properly read the Bible, I decided that I would simply read wherever my first tear fell.

It landed on 1 Chronicles 22. In this passage, David gives Solomon the command to BUILD A HOUSE for the Lord. David had made the plans but Solomon was to do the work. In that moment, I heard the voice of God so clearly – in a way I never had before. The call was simple: BUILD A HOUSE.

I searched further, finding more of this story later on in 2 Chronicles until I was convinced. Then, I called Habitat for Humanity hoping to participate in an upcoming build but schedule conflict after schedule conflict, it never ended up panning out. Over time, He showed me that it wasn’t a physical house I was called to build but instead, it was HIS House. He was daring me to step boldly into building His church and His Kingdom by cultivating community and inviting others into the truth, love, and light of the Gospel in a real, raw, and relatable way.

I was being dared to build up His house, with Christ as the cornerstone, by connecting one on one, cultivating friendships, getting real, digging deep, and inviting others into the Truth of His love by simply loving them. 

That call informs all that I do with the ministry and community that He’s given me through writing and speaking.

Every time I prepare to speak, I write the words BUILD A HOUSE on my hand and I have those words sitting on my desk for me to see every time I write.

These itty bitty words hold so much weight. They challenge me to meet His girls where they are, in the middle of brokenness, stand out in the rain with all the other misfits, love them, point them to Jesus, and welcome them into God’s family – into the ultimate Sisterhood.

Through this ministry, we’re building His house, empowering young ladies around the globe to step into the ultimate purpose, too.

The world has divided us for far too long but I believe God is taking His daughters back and building His church. And He does His building through us – sometimes that looks like writing from a desk, other times it’s speaking from a stage, and most times it’s as simple as entering into the world of our friends with a conversation over coffee and speaking truth & life into them.

This space is intentionally designed to unite, celebrate, and encourage women in confidence, fellowship, and Truth by dropping the facades and sharing real soul stories, or, how I like to call them, SoulScripts.

It’s for the cookie-cutter Christian girl or the seemingly put together, successful girl because she needs God, too – she’s broken, too. It’s also for the discouraged, disheveled, struggle bus of a girl. Oh, and for the girl who wouldn’t let her friends know she ever came to this kind of a party. It’s for the girl who doubts God’s goodness and desperately needs a friend. Why?

Because He gives us little glimpses of glory, lays out the plans, and provides us with every little tool we need to live the life He wants for us. It’s just a matter of coming alongside one another and stepping into it with every ounce of who we are.

So, if you’re reading this, come on in. Your brokenness is welcome here.