Meet the Team

Katie, Event Manager & Operations

Katie is my right hand, go-to-gal. Having served 15+ years in women's ministry, she works not only as a spiritual mentor and friend but also as an invaluable part of my team. She believes in multi generational sisterhood and mentoring and that in and of itself is a huge gift she brings to the team. On top of that, she manages my calendar and speaking event processes, from inquiries to booking events to follow up, runs the apparel shop, and oversees other various aspects of the blog and ministry to keep everything operating smoothly. Her help allows me to keep my focus on writing, content creation, prayer, and vision casting instead of being too wrapped up in administrative tasks. I thank God every day for the gift she is to my writing and The SoulScripts!

Julie Gill
Julie, Web Design and Development

Julie is another treasured team member. She not only brought my vision and dream to life when it came to creating The Sisterhood, but she provides ongoing support on the backend to keep all things technology running smoothly. Even if I have a website issue late at night, she's always on it right away. She always looks at things through a Godly lens, reminds me to remain calm and positive when things go wrong, and also helps manage the inbox to help resolve all technical difficulties you may have as a member. If it weren't for Julie, I'd be a total mess trying to figure out technology on my own.

I'm so grateful for her servant's heart and willingness to really make this ministry possible by contributing her time, gifts, and technology skills and abilities.

Grace, Social Media Management + Communications

Grace is another one of those people God just put in my life at the right time. She is a wife, a new mom, a cheerful heart, and a strong friend. Being the newest member of my team, she's just getting started but she is already a valuable sister on the team as a PR and Communications role. Her duties include running The Sisterhood Instagram page as well as moderating other social media channels, creating and designing we + blog graphics and other materials, managing messages and responding to emails, co-managing my calendar, handling media inquiries and requests, and more!

As I write my book (releasing Spring 2019!) and focus on the work God's asked me to do, she's really come on as an invaluable piece to help manage communications and media which in turn has allowed for less overwhelm and much more inspiration and ideas on my part! Grace is such a God-send!

Sinikka, Education + Content Contributor

Sinikka and I went to college at IU together and now we are both married but live close by one another and I know that that's no coincidence. The Lord brought her into my life as such a blessing and it's a gift getting to work with her on new material each month. She works full time as a wedding photographer and has turned that business, Soul Creations, into so much more than just photography. She does bridal ministry as part of her services, offering resources, prayer, and more as her brides prepare for not only their wedding but also their marriage! I strongly believe in Sisterhood and the beauty of learning from more than just one person, so Sinikka regularly helps me brainstorm and create helpful and educational resources for the Sisterhood. She brings energy, wisdom, and a fresh perspective to the material I publish and I know that my work is better for it!

Katie, Editor

Katie came along at just the right time and for the last several months has served as my editor. Lord knows I'm passionate about what I share but Lord also knows that in my passion to share a good word from Him, I end up with some typos and run-on sentences. OOPS! Happens to the best of us, right? 😉

Praise God, though, for someone like Katie. She went through and edited all my devotionals that hadn't been properly edited and has been an editor for devotionals and projects that I recently launched. Not only does she edit for grammar, but she also went to seminary so she always checks my published work to ensure that nothing is taken out of context and that everything I say and share lines up with Biblical Truth. She's not afraid to suggest necessary changes even if it hurts my feelings, and that's a good thing. She is truly such a blessing to The SoulScripts and has offered her gifts and wisdom so generously!


Thank you to our Facebook Group Moderators: Sadie, Kelly, and Sarah. We are so grateful for these members that have stepped up and into leadership roles in The Sisterhood!