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There are hoards of information out there on the internet and it can be hard to know which information is really reliable and legitimate, especially if you hope to do so with a Godly perspective. After receiving question after question a bout blogging, it's a big part of why I've become so passionate about sharing what I've taken lots of time to learn. I've done the hard work for you...all the trial and error, learning how to grow, implementing strategies, etc.

And now, I'm here to teach you all that I know. I believe in equipping and empowering others to use their God-given talents and step into their calling...not blindly but with trust AND intentionality. And that's exactly what these courses are designed to help you do.

I'm Jordan Lee Dooley and just three years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and blogging boggled my mind.

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Now? I blog full time, speak nationwide, have a book coming out, and have an entire team! If you would have told me as I was graduating college that this is what I'd be doing with my life, I would have shown you my Healthcare Administration degree and laughed. I simply didn't think my passion could ever become my job.

I have to say, I truly owe it all to the Lord for bringing me to this place. Over the last several years, I've learned so much about what works and what doesn't work when it comes to blogging and business--and how to work well with a Godly perspective. I don't believe blogging (or anything, really) needs to be done perfectly or for the sake of popularity but I do believe that it can and should be done purposely.

I'd love to come alongside of you and share with you all that I know to help you take the next step in your blog or online business. Take a peek at my courses below to get started!


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Blog the WRITE Way

Blogging eCourse

Blog the WRITE Way is course that focuses on building your brand, finding your voice, enhancing your writing, and creating content that doesn't just inspire but also changes people--and keeps them coming back! This course is designed to help you write better content, connect with your audience, and create loyal readership. If you feel confident with your content and your biggest focus is growth, then the Pinterest Course is best suited for you. Inside this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about writing content that makes an impact and learn the first steps to making an income (without selling your soul)


Module 1: The Basics of Writing and Its Important Uses

Module 2: Branding

Module 3: Knowing What to Write About

Module 4: Keys to Creating AWESOME Content

Module 5: Developing a Writing Formula to Improve Your Content

Module 6: How to Create Reader Loyalty

Module 7: Strategies and Ways To Promote Your Writing

Module 8: How to Stay Focused on What Matters Most

Module 9: Wrap Up + Apply What You've Learned

PLUS,  access to these awesome BONUSES:

BONUS 1: Introduction to Monetizing Carefully

BONUS 2: How to Build Your Email List from Scratch

BONUS 3: How to Create Unique Visual Content + Why You Need It

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Pinterest eCourse

Did you know that the #1 reason most blogs fail before they even have a chance to succeed is because of little to no growth? Pintentionality is a step-by-step eCourse that teaches you how to use Pinterest to grow your blog and reach your target audience by being intentional with your work and focusing on Pinterest as your #1 platform for growth! This course is best suited to those who have a blog or online business established but really want to see it grow!


  • Module 1: Setting Up for Success
  • Module 2:How to Create Viral Pins that Skyrocket Your Traffic Module 3:  Mastering Pinterest SEO and Keywords
  • Module 4: Using Tailwind and Group Boards to Boost Your Pinterest
  • Module 5: Tracking your Progress + Growing Your Traffic
  • PLUS, access to these awesome BONUSES:
    • BONUS 1: How to Build an Email List from Scratch
    • BONUS 2:  How to Build a Strong Brand (you know, for all that new traffic you're going to have)

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"Popularity is fleeting and illusive but purpose is faithful and intentional. Let's focus on purpose over popularity and choose to be intentional instead of merely impressive." 

"I am over-the-moon that Jordan created a blogging course because she's an AMAZING blogger! In this course, she shares the secret sauce of what has made her blog so successful and so powerful in women's lives (and breaks it down into practical steps that you can do, too!)
I particularly loved the section where she shared the formula she uses to write her posts. I find myself getting stuck every so often when I'm trying to sit down and write a post, and that formula now gets me instantly un-stuck. It's one of the most valuable things about blogging I've ever heard. This course is gold. If you want to start or grow a blog, sign up today. You'll be so glad you did!"

-Stephanie Wilson, Author of The Lipstick Gospel and blogger at stephaniemaywilson.com

Stephanie R
"These courses have been such hope and encouragement and fell into my lap at the most perfect time! I had actually called it quits on blogging the day that this course became available. But this course  has not only shown me areas where I can improve my blog but also has helped me to stay intentional with my blogging.
Not only am I passionate about writing again, but I'm beyond eager to see how it will grow.  have taken so many courses and at the end of each, I feel overwhelmed and discouraged because none of the tactics seem to work. Not to mention, they go so fast I can hardly keep up. 
I love how this course allows you to work at your own pace and that each module is easy to understand and provides helpful worksheets to use as a guide when completing each lesson. 
Jordan, thank you for helping me to be intentional and getting me excited about blogging again!"

- Allie R., pocketsandposies.com

"The Pinterest Course was a huge help! I knew Pinterest could be helpful for my blog (and, hello, I love it for personal use!), but I had no idea where to start. I couldn't find any articles online that gave basic, simple instruction to setting up your blog's Pinterest painlessly.
Jordan nails it with this course! She gives so many tips, tricks, and tools to make Pinterest for your blog not-so-scary and something that you can be proud of!
Thanks so much, Jordan, for sharing your talent and knowledge!"

- Lucy W., babiesandbathwater.com

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