Interested in Hosting a Sisterhood Event? Let's make it happen!

I write and speak because I believe there is nothing more important than coming together, unifying through our stories, celebrating one another under the banner of Christ.  I believe that vulnerability and love are interchangeable words and my writing and speaking pivots on that simple truth.

 I am committed to stirring up love and vulnerability in the hearts of readers and listeners - in the hearts of my sisters. I speak in a conversational style because I believe in the importance of talking WITH people, not AT people. 

Jesus prayed in John 17:20-26 that we would be united so that the world might know that God loves us. We often assume that having the right answers, eloquent speech, and logical arguments are what it takes to convince a crowd of the gospel. On the contrary, Jesus said they will be convinced by our UNITY.

For that reason, I welcome brokenness. I intentionally create community and keep it real. I don't sugarcoat much. And I hug a lot. During my events, I open up with a power-packed talk. Then, we laugh, we play, we open up, we pray healing over our sisters (sometimes on the floor!). We dig deep. We cry. We cultivate community. And we let God move. 

I'd love to spread the SoulScripts Sisterhood to your campus and ignite a spark for the gospel in the souls of our sisters that so desperately need it.

SO, if you think this type of event sounds like a good fit for your organization or campus, let's have a conversation.

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