soul-scripts-mission-statementWe know hundreds of people, have thousands of Facebook friends and Instagram followers, and pass by dozens of others as we dash through our days. Yet so many of us feel alone.

The question then becomes, do we really know each other? And perhaps the real question should be: Do we really love enough to care?

I truly believe that it’s possible to be courageous in a culture that’s not. I believe that vulnerability, real talk, Jesus (always Jesus) require a whole heckuva lotta courage but that they also unify us. And if we let ourselves unravel a bit, if we shared our soul stories (“SoulScripts”), if we opened up and invited a sister into the living room of our heart, well, then, I’m confident we would each experience a little bit more of the breath inside our lungs and the beat inside our hearts.

This space is intentionally designed to unite, celebrate, and encourage women in confidence, fellowship, and Truth by dropping the facades and sharing real soul stories, or, how I like to call them, SoulScripts.

It’s not just for the cookie-cutter Christian girl. It’s not just for the put together, successful, on top of the world girl. It’s for the discouraged, disheveled, struggle bus of a girl. It’s for the girl who wouldn’t let her friends know she ever came to this kind of a party. It’s for the girl who doubts God’s goodness and desperately needs a friend. Why? Because your brokenness is welcome here.