We know hundreds of people, have thousands of Facebook friends and Instagram followers, and pass by dozens of others as we dash through our days. But do we really know them? And perhaps the real question should be: Do we really care? 

I truly believe that our stories unify us. They are the grace-filled threads that weave us together in God's tapestry, showing us that we're never alone. We are woven together into a beautiful masterpiece. And if we let ourselves unravel a bit, if we shared our soul stories ("SoulScripts"), I'm confident we would each experience a little bit of the sparkle, a little bit of the joy that Jesus wants to place in our tiny, beating hearts. 

This space is intentionally designed to unite, celebrate, and encourage women in Scriptural confidence, fellowship, and Truth by dropping the facades and sharing real soul stories, or, how I like to call them, SoulScripts.