Meet Jordan


Hello! I’m Jordan Lee and I believe in best friends, sweatpants, and messy hair.

Other things I believe? I believe in living outside of the box…in being your original, totally rad self. I believe in keeping it real, raw, and relatable because the last thing this world needs is another pretend, plastic, put together life. I believe in honesty and I believe in purpose.

Things I love? Jesus, my hot hubs, Indiana summers, lots of color, flowy dresses (it’s like dressing up in pajamas!) oversized sweatshirts, jogging, sunsets, adventures, popcorn, fruit, coffee, ice cream, confetti cupcakes, and rainbow sprinkles (on everything).

I’m a go getter and a team player. Life is best when it’s done with others. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I have a team to help me. That’s why I speak, write this blog, and lead The Sisterhood. It’s all for the sake of cultivating community, creating connection, and giving you a resource and a place to turn when you need a little encouragement, wisdom, and guidance from a friend through this crazy life thing–whether it be in your faith, relationships, business, or all of the above (because we all get by with a little help from our friends, right?).

I’m an Indiana girl born n’ raised and my husband and I currently live in the Indianapolis area with our sweet puppy, Hoosier.

Aside from writing and speaking, I absolutely love traveling and discovering new places. When I’m not writing or traveling, you can find me curled up with a good book, baking confetti cupcakes (my fave!) laughing because I probably embarrassed myself, or making homemade popcorn (did I already mention I love popcorn?).

I know if you stick around, you’ll learn something valuable here. My prayer is that my writing makes you feel something…that it helps you experience God’s heart when the world breaks yours.

Thanks for stopping by!