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To The Gal Without a Valentine

To The Gal Without a Valentine

When I was in middle school, we used to send lolligrams to our friends (and crushes, of course) for Valentine's Day. A lolligram was essentially a note fastened to a lollipop with pink and red ribbon girls. 

Every year, when it came time to send lolligrams, I noticed myself looking in the mirror more often and choosing my outfits more carefully. I hoped that that boy, or any boy, rather, would notice me. I always hoped to get a Valentine from someone special. I hoped to be noticed. 

My heart would race as the lolligrams were distributed. I hoped that I wouldn't be the only one in my group of friends that didn't receive a lolligram from a cute boy or secret admirer. For many years, I did receive lolligrams and enjoyed a whole afternoon of feeling validated.

But as I approached my awkward stage (which, I might add, may still be going on but let's not talk about that), I remember one year in particular. I watched the popular girls with long bouncy hair fill an entire brown paper bag with lolligrams. I felt my heart sink as I watched everyone else load up on candy and love letters. 

All I hoped to get was one. One boy who might have seen past my big feet and crooked teeth. One person to notice me. One person to admire me. One person to tell me that I was beautiful. I didn't even particularly care if they loved me. I just wanted to feel as special as everyone else. 

Well, that lolligram I hoped for did come...from my teacher, who happened to send one to every single kid in the class. So, my little heart cracked a bit that day as I left school empty handed.

Maybe that's how you're feeling as all the hearts and rainbows and butterflies and love songs and roses filling the air this Valentine's Day. Perhaps you're that little girl watching the popular girls rake in all the love and wishing someone would notice you, too. Or perhaps you're the young woman feeling like the only one in the group who doesn't have a boyfriend, wondering if your Romeo will ever come. Or maybe you've been dating or married for years, but still feel kind of alone and unimportant this weekend.

What if I told you that's okay? What if I told you there's a love letter for you, a Prince Charming, a Romeo that surpasses all lolligrams, fairytales, and date nights. 

So to my broken-hearted gals, my single gals, and my taken gals: The truth is that neither our singleness nor our relationships can fully satisfy our hearts. Our hearts are carved out for more than roses and chocolate. You see, we all crave the love that only Jesus can give. Candy will rot eventually. Men will let us down sometimes. They might even break our hearts. And no matter how great they may be, they might still forget about the roses. 

But every single one of us deserve a love letter better than a lolligram. And every single one of us HAS that love letter in God's Word. And it's more magical and magnificent and wonderful than any Valentine letter because it doesn't just say, "I think you're pretty." No, it says so much more. It says, "You are a beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a masterpiece." It doesn't just say, "I like you," or "I admire you," but instead it says, "I adore you. I treasure you. I love you." It's the sweetest love letter ever written. And it's addressed to you and to me, sealed with a heart. 

And every single one of us deserves a Prince that would go to battle and a Romeo willing die for us. And every single one of us HAVE that Prince in Jesus. He's the One who rode in like a Prince on a donkey (Matthew 21) in pursuit of our heart and went to battle for us to keep us safe and crown us princesses of His kingdom. We are each a Princess because our Father is the King of Kings! (John 1:12). 

And every single one of us deserve a man, a Romeo, to love us to death. Guess what? Every single one of us HAVE that, too, in Christ. He's the Romeo who literally loved us to death as His blood ran red, like a sea of red roses, 2000 years ago, on a cross (Luke 23:26-43). 

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