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Love is Like Dirty Feet

Love is Like Dirty Feet

The truth about the LOVE:

We create this perceived reality of what love looks like, complete with diamond rings + fairytale date nights. We snap beautiful, snuggly photos at sunset and call it love. And those who are waiting for their "Prince Charming" want to hurl. 
But if we're really being honest, love doesn't usually look like this. 

Love looks more like dirty feet

Yes, dirty, sandy, feet. At least for us. 
The most lowly of jobs is foot washing. But it's the job we're called to every single day in this thing we call love. So often, we wish to ignore the WORK, failing to showcase the tears, the sacrifice, the hard stuff, the arguments, the laying down of our own life.

So if you're discouraged in your singleness or weary in your relationship, pause the idolizing of worldly romance. 

And let me encourage you with this little nugget that God is teaching me more each day:
It's about sacrifice. It's about the hard stuff. It's about the tears. It's about persevering through the mess. It's about the ugly. It's about fighting for what matters. It's about the dirty work. 

It's not about us. 

It's about the cross. 
The cross signifies bearing burdens, carrying another's weight, washing their feet. 
And that's just what we have to do. 
Bend down to serve. And more often than not, that looks more like foot-washing than fairytale dates.

Because that's what Jesus did. He didn't sprinkle fairy dust and pass out roses or take us for long walks on the beach. 
Nope. Not even close. 
He showed us what true love is. 
He bent down, washed feet, bore burdens, and lost His life for our sake. 
It was messy. It was gritty. It was hard. 

And it was beautiful. 

So that's love. 
That's the kind of love I want, anyway. 
Sweet friends, don't be afraid of romance. Love is to be enjoyed. But let's not settle for charm. 
Let's set our hearts on servitude + sacrifice

Is it easy? No. 

Worth it? Always. 

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