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Chasing Dreams: The Radiant Life Blog

Chasing Dreams: The Radiant Life Blog

Hey guys! We are Kendall and Kelsey and we are bloggers over at 

The Radiant Life

. First, we have to say just how honored we are that Jordan asked us to share on her blog. We love Soul Scripts and absolutely love being able to partner with other like-minded, Jesus-loving women and we are sure you already know she is exactly that. Today, we want to share how we got started, what we're all about, and what God has taught us thus far.

Before TRL was birthed we spent years writing on our own separate blogs sharing encouragement, our adventures around the world (we LOVE adventure), and other snippets of our lives. While we really enjoyed doing our own thing there was just 


lacking. Now we are almost 6 months in and have realized that something was a partnership between the two of.  God totally brought us together to inspire one another and hold each other accountable to doing what we love... Writing and empowering women to live a life of freedom and fullness. It is our desire that women leave our blog feeling lighter, more free, and more bold to be the best version of themselves. On TRL you will find advice from mothers and wives around the world, photos/stories from our past mission trips and current adventures, and of course we have to share our love for fashion with our weekly style posts. 

Through taking this on together we seriously are learning so much. To begin, we are discovering more about each other not only as friends but also as business partners. We joke sometimes saying that this is like the first year of marriage as we are new business partners working out the kinks and learning how to honor one another as individuals who operate differently. You could say Kelsey is the planner and Kendall is the procrastinator.  One might say Kelsey could take a few notes from Kendall though and loosen up a little bit! Ha! Together it can be challenging at times, but more than anything it is complimentary because working together is teaching us both to be more balanced and to show grace through our different personality types.

We are also learning to truly put what we share on our blog and Instagram into action. It's so crazy how we can write a post encouraging others with a quote and then next thing you know we are being challenged in our daily life to apply the words we just shared. Our blog challenges us to go deeper

with Jesus and pushes us to put our faith into action. 

We are learning that something new and uncharted is always going to pop up. Sometimes we rigidly plan in hopes of having every base covered, and then some new email, new opportunity pops up and we're not sure what box it fits into or if we should say yes or no to that opportunity.  This keeps us totally dependent on God for answers to "what's next."  

We can't plan out our entire life, as much as we think we can, so it keeps us truly holding God's hand through this process as to what move to make next.  Scripture says, "Your word is a light to my feet and a lamp to my path" Psalm 119:105.  He promises us, that if we stay close to Him, He will illuminate our path.  He may not give us a light that shows us a mile ahead (which might drive you planners crazy), but he will illuminate our path right in front of us.  He will always be there to show us what's next!  We are so thankful for an amazing God who will show us the way as we navigate accomplishing our dreams!

Today we encourage you to pray into what YOUR dreams are.  He has instilled things in your heart that are uniquely yours.  You carry a facet of God's heart that no-one else does!  What you can accomplish with God is beyond your wildest dreams.  We're telling you, what He has done with this blog has already surprised us and continues to do so each day. Take that leap of faith and start dreaming with God, we promise it won't leave you disappointed!

xo, Kendall + Kelsey

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