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How Can I Know Jesus Better From the Bleachers?

How Can I Know Jesus Better From the Bleachers?

I spend a lot of time in the bleachers.

When I first met Matt in college, I knew what I was signing up for when the big bearded football player knocked on my front door for our first date. 

Dating & pursuing marriage with an athlete comes with some big challenges but with even bigger rewards. 

Whether it was during a Big Ten College Football game or now as he coaches & trains for bigger dreams, I've spent my fair share of time sitting on bleachers over the past several years. 

I often say that I have "bleacher butt" , a nice little term I coined to describe the lifestyle. 

All the time I've spent in the stands got me thinking about where my heart is during those hours watching games. 

When I'm in the bleachers, it's as if my whole being is completely focused on what is happening in front of me. I develop this super-human form of focus, completely engrossed in the game. My heart races, adrenaline pumps, my eyes fix on Matt's jersey, & I watch intently. 

Any sports fans out there relating to this? 

Today as I sit here on the bleachers, Jesus placed something big on my heart. 

What if I looked to Jesus & sat in awe of Him, with unbroken focus & excitement, the same way I do when I watch a football game? 

When my mind is so focused on the game, on the happenings right in front of me, where is my heart

Sports have been a huge blessing to us, teaching us more about teamwork, dedication, & hard work. But if all the time we invest does not ultimately have God at the center, motivating our every action, is it really worth anything? 

If I spend hours upon hours jumping up and down screaming & clapping during a football game, should I not praise Him in the same way? 

Glorifying the Lord in all that we do goes deeper than just saying, "to God be the glory." 

Maybe your field of focus isn't football. Maybe it isn't even sports at all. Maybe it's a desk & computer. Maybe it's a classroom. Maybe it's a messy kitchen. 

We all have our designated areas of life, our "fields", that we pour our energy & focus into. 

We invest time, emotion, & work into those respective fields. 

But where do we let God in? What can He teach us about His Son through the "field" we focus on? 

It must be an intentional commitment made each day. 

I am learning that in order to grow closer to Jesus each time I throw on a jersey & each time I take a seat in the bleachers to offer my cheers & praise, I must consistently make the conscious effort to fix my eyes on His goodness, to praise Him with my cheers, & to praise Him through the tears. 

How can you grow closer to Jesus in YOUR field? 

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