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What No One's Telling You about Your Worries

What No One's Telling You about Your Worries

Ever feel weighed down with worries, some big and some seemingly insignificant? Ever feel like you've gotta limit what worries you come to God with?

Philippians 4:6-7 reminds us of the deep peace we can find when we present our worries to Christ at the cross.

Sometimes I neglect to lay it ALL down; limiting my petitions to what I think God will deem important. I look at all my "first world probs", all my small concerns that in the big picture seem pretty ridiculous, honestly.

There's people dying of hunger every day for goodness sake and I'm worried about a small disagreement with a friend, about what to make for dinner, about my job, or even my own appearance?

How pathetic. But the message that it's pathetic is from the enemy - it's not pathetic. Comparatively to some things these types of concerns may seem insignificant to you and I, but your daily thoughts and concerns are not insignificant to God. He cares about every single part of you, not just the big stuff.

As His daughters, He wants to be there for us in ALL things. The invitation to come to Him in prayer and petition isn't exclusive to only certain parts of life. Just how a parent loves when their children spill every detail of their day, Jesus wants to be there to you, providing you peace that transcends all understanding (Phil. 4:7)

Don't compartmentalize Him to only certain areas of your life. Set yourself free and hand it over to God. Come to Him with the big stuff & with the little stuff. Come to the feet of Jesus with your worries.

 There is freedom in the cross. Run to Him, let it go, lay it down. All of it. He cares.

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