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The Authentic Proverbs 31 Woman

Today I want to share how I saw God's love in women, like you and I. But these women, they live out the

Proverbs 31

woman so differently.

On day four of my trip to Honduras (I know, I'm behind) we ventured hours away from the city to a small rural village. We worked with the pastor of the small church there, carrying large bags of corn and huge hearts of love into different homes in the community.

Each door we knocked on was opened by the weary eyes of mothers and grandmothers. They were worn and hungry, but oh so deep and full of love. We entered the homes to pray and talk with the families. Every home we entered was women and children - many homes were fatherless, and the few that had a man shared that he was off "looking for work". They said this so simply, so calmly. Can we think about that for a moment? Would we not grow very anxious during times of high unemployment, fear of not having stability each day?

But this is the daily lives of these women, each morning waking up with open hands, having absolutely no idea what God will bring TODAY. Tomorrow isn't even something to worry about, as today is the focus. For many of us, "uncertainty" of the future holds such a different meaning than it does to these women. We may be uncertain about what we will be doing next month, but overall we can generally rest in the fact that we will at least be able to eat tomorrow, that our child will be alive tomorrow, that we will not face life threatening circumstances.

Our understanding of true need is so small compared to the women I met on this day. These women fully embraced and lived each and every day the call to depend fully on Christ. Because they have to. Sometimes I fail to do this because admittedly, the earthly security life in this country brings so often causes me to neglect to place full trust in HIM. But when there is nothing more than a tin roof and dirt floor, starving animals and insects all around a woman, what more can one do than to seek Him each moment, trusting in His providence?

More than any church-going woman I've met here in America did I see true trust in the Lord in little Gloria. When we approached her home, she was in her "kitchen", sweating over an open fire to cook one small tortilla, with insects hovering all around. She had three small children waiting for their piece of the tortilla, it was evident that she did not plan on eating that day. Gloria struck me because she focused so much on trusting God TODAY. In the prayer she prayed, she repeatedly said, "Este tarde, Padre, por favor." She continually thanked the Lord and asked for His providence THIS afternoon. Her last concern was tomorrow. She knew that today God would intercede, and today He alone would be enough - even if she did not eat food of this earth. 

His spirit filled her soul, He radiated in the dirt walls of her home, He shown through the sacrifice she was willing to make for her children, His heart was present there.

Gloria and the other women in this town will never understand our lifestyle, and I dont think we could quite understand theirs. We can only look at it, try to touch it for a moment, and learn something from it. 

These are women, like us. Despite radically different lifestyles, we connect because we share one Jesus and one identity as His daughters. But when I began to look closer, I began to ask myself, "are these women really like us?" Likely these women will never experience bible study apps, youth groups, or wear cute clothes that proclaim "I'm a Proverbs 31 woman!"

Oh, but they don't need to. They are miles ahead of me in truly living the gospel and being the woman of Proverbs 31 - the woman of selfless love, honor, character, and fear of the Lord. They don't need verses on pretty items, they don't need entertaining bible apps with pretty pictures, they just need JESUS. Four dirt walls, and Jesus. That's all. They know He will meet the day's need.

They're willing to use an old jug for drinking, so long as they have something to drink. They thirst not only for water but for Him in His glory each day. Sometimes I wonder if we thirst more after the idea of Him, more after His blessings, than Him alone.

Oh Father, help us to seek your heart, to understand that despite the earthly things we have that may deceive us into thinking we are secure, that we desperately need You each moment. You are our sustainer and life giver. You give and take away. Give us hearts more like the women who are poor in distractions but wealthy in spirit. Lord, make us more LIKE the women who place full trust in you each day, not in the securities and lures this life can bring. Amen.

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