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Coffee Talk: A Tool for Bible Reading

Coffee Talk: A Tool for Bible Reading

Got your coffee? Cool, let's chat.

I was asked an interesting question this week that I want to address. The question is this: How do you intentionally read the bible? 

The Bible. That big book that we talk so much about, that book we hear stories from, but so often struggle to really dive into -- and by dive into I don't just mean opening it up to take pictures for Instagram or to skim over real quick.

The Word offers is a rich and nourishing gift the Father gives us. We don't have to wonder about how God feels or what He thinks about certain things. We don't have to wonder if He loves us.

It's all right there, plain as day. But we have to absorb that message and see a Jesus to know Him personally. It's not enough to simply read the words on the page as words. We have to read them as life-changing phrases and passages, intentionally soaking in the truth they hold. 

How on earth do we do this? And where do we even begin?

 There are many ways to study scripture but I want to introduce you to a very effective and extremely intentional study method that I've recently implemented.

This study method has a series of steps designed to help you read the Bible as it is meant to be read - as a story.

The key is understanding that all of Scripture is telling one great story - a story about Jesus and our need for Him. This big story is comprised of many little stories found throughout the Old and New Testament narratives. And it's reinforced in the law, poetry, prophecy, & epistles. Every passage in some way draws our attention to our brokenness and Christ's beautiful solution to our brokenness.

When properly read and understood, both the Old and New Testaments call us to find life in Jesus. Every story whispers His name.

My hope is that this study method will equip you to study Scripture with intentionality in seeking & knowing Jesus through His Word. 

Rather than making an extremely lengthy blog post, I am providing you a free download with an overview of tools that will help you study Scripture as a story about our Savior.


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