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Life > Likes: Speaking life into a world obsessed with likes

Life > Likes: Speaking life into a world obsessed with likes

Why is social media such a craze? Why is it that almost everywhere we turn, people are almost walking into other people or lamp posts on the sidewalk with their eyes fixed to their phones?

Oh, I'm guilty of this so often. I actually HAVE run into a lamp post. So, there's that. Moving on.

Social media gives us a sense of purpose. Am I wrong? We get tidbits of approval in every like and a congratulatory way-to-go smack on the rear with every comment and share. We have become a culture so easily satisfied with fleeting affirmations of our purpose -- such as likes and followers. Can I just remind you that Jesus only had 12 followers and a whole lot of "unlikes"? 

Think about the natural reaction you have when on social media. Excitement comes when a photo or post seems well received and highly liked, but discouragement and confusion follow when a post doesn't perform as well. Because of course, we are funny, witty, and creative in every post and therefore the world should like it...right?

The online world is a crazy one. Something that connects us globally in a revolutionary way. Without leaving our beds we can speak to people in another hemisphere. If we look beyond the momentary approval, striving to craft the perfect caption, we can realize that beyond the surface, there are opportunities to speak life into this world. Even if only two people "like" it. Two tiny seeds will be planted in those lives. In those hearts.

In a place with enormous amounts of comparison, we can choose to look beyond that. We can choose to join this crazy online world for a bigger purpose than marketing the areas of our life that look like rainbows and butterflies. We can choose to be real. We can choose to share words of life that may not always be liked but that are always needed. We can choose to be intentional in sharing love -- in sharing Christ.

When we put on our eternal glasses each time we pick up our phone and open Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even email, we will be able to see beyond facades and desire something deeper as we come to the realization that the world needs more of Jesus and less of me. Less of my concern over how many tidbits of approval I get through likes or "way-to-go's" I get through comments.

Our worth nor our purpose is defined by the status we hold online but rather the work we do in the name of Christ - whether it's online or outside in the physical community.

But when we are online, we can quiet the discouragement by extending authentic grace, truth, and encouragement. When our purpose for posting transforms from a selfish perspectives focused on the "likes" to a selfless perspective focused on the LIVES of readers, it can make all the difference.

So please, let Jesus' light shine through your feed, profiles, and pictures.

Don't do it for the approval. Do it for the Kingdom.

Speak life, let go of the likes.

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