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Coffee Talk: How to Use the Bible, Script, and Journal

Coffee Talk: How to Use the Bible, Script, and Journal

Hi Friends! 

The purpose of this column is to share answers to some questions that tend to flood my inbox. 

It can be challenging to keep up with every question individually, but I know that when I first began SoulScripts, it was very frustrating to me when I would reach out to other women that seemingly had a similar mission but not get a response. However, it meant a lot when I DID get ideas, answers, and input from accounts and women that I admired.  I want y'all to ask all the questions you can think of, whether it's about Jesus in blogging/social media accounts/business & ministry/scripting/reading scripture/or whatever else you think of. In return, I want to be able to respond with the best answers that the Lord puts on my heart!

As I begin to get more questions, it is so important to me to meet each of you where you are, answer your questions, share ideas, and really just be open with y'all.

In doing so, let's be pretend we are sitting in a cute little cafe, having coffee together.  I want you to be more than a following or an email or an order - I want each of you to be a friend. So, I thought I would compile the most common questions I receive on a regular basis and share some answers with you!

On this column, I'm going to share some ideas, tips and advice when it comes to witnessing in your respective field, interacting with the Word, reading the Bible, growing in faith, & practicing a simple form of worship that I like to call "scripting" (without divulging too much -- this is what the upcoming workshops are for!).

So to begin, I want to chat about some of the questions I get on a regular basis, which include the following:

1. What type of bible do you use? 

I use a Crossway Single Column Journaling Bible. These vary in prices but can be found on Amazon as well as the Crossway website. The quality is great and the single column version allows plenty of room in the margins for taking notes and scripting. This is a great way to interact with the Word - script out a part of or an entire verse that you really hope to remember. Truly it does not matter how the script turns out because what you are really doing is a simple form of worship that allows you to commit that verse or concept to memory - right in the pages of Scripture!

2. How did you begin scripting and why should I learn?

I taught myself how to script. I didn't take workshops or fancy classes, I simply spent time with Jesus. As I spent time in the Word, I realized that writing the verses down helped me commit truth to memory. The desire to be creative grew and therefore I practiced making the words I would write look a little bit "prettier". In doing so, I found that I was being fully present as I concentrated diligently on each word. The truth and meaning in the message of the verse saturated my soul in goodness and encouragement - hence the name "SoulScripts". 

3. Why should I study scripture through scripting? Does it even make a difference?

YES! The more time I spent scripting WORDS to learn the WORD, the less I felt discouraged & distracted by the WORLD. I encourage you to just start. Be creative in your scripting style. You don't need to have a perfectly steady hand or have some super lettering talent. The letters aren't important. This is what IS important: having an open heart and intentional mind. Script block letters, script loopy letters, script chicken scratch - it doesn't matter. Just commit truth and light to memory, let it cover your soul. Let Him guide your pen. It will come naturally. I want to see your scripts so be sure to to share them with the world and encourage others with them!

This is why we are launching an interactive devotional called MyScripts. The first devotional covers the topic "Life in Christ" and is designed to give you the first steps of scripting, and learning the Word on a more personal and interactive level, and having fun while doing so! Your time with Jesus should be fun and enjoyable - not a chore!


4. Can you give me some advice on journaling and what types of journals to use?

I also use a variety of journals - I recently grabbed one from TJ Maxx and another from Wal-Mart. I don't even really know how to obtain those cutesy "Lilly Pulitzer" brands and other trendy journals/planners/life things. I'm not that fancy. The everyday gal is my kind of gal. No one should spend more than $20 on a journal in my opinion. 

When it comes to journaling, the biggest piece of advice here is to be organized. I tend to read three books plus a devotional at a time, which may not be smart. But eating up truth has become such a habit that I almost can't help it. So I've learned how helpful it is to keep the concepts I'm studying organized.

For example, the book on marriage I am reading has its own journal for notes. The two go hand in hand. The devotional I'm studying over Proverbs has its own journal as well.

I also have an general "ideas journal" in which I do most of my scripting, jot down quick prayers or verses that pop up throughout the day, and other tidbits of truth or ideas that the Lord lays on my heart. It doesn't fit into a certain study or topic so I call it the general journal. This is my faithful companion and is with me almost as much as my phone is. It's very helpful to have a general journal for scripting and notes, as well as journals that pair with whatever book/devotional/book of the Bible/etc. you are working through. 

When you finish a book, study or devotional, I encourage you flip back through the journal you used to guide you along and highlight notes that you took that really stick out to you. Even script out the concept. This helps in really keeping those truths close to your heart as well as growing in Biblical & Spiritual literacy. Just like when you study for a test, you really learn it by going back, rereading, highlighting or rewriting key parts in the notes you took from when you learned those concepts for the first time. Do this in learning Scripture! You cannot truly live by and learn something without committing it to memory - which is where scripting and journaling come in!

I hope these answers have been insightful in some way to you. I love to hear from y'all - leave a comment with a question you may have and I'll answer it in the next "Coffee Talk" post!

Love & Peace,

Jordan Lee

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