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What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I had that longing in my heart. You know what I'm talking about - that longing for a companion, a relationship. 

After several disappointments, I remember complaining that I was tired of waiting for Mr. Right. 

I finally gave up seeking. I told my mama one night on the phone that my blue-eyed-rugged guy would someday show up at my front door. In the meantime, I had to stop focusing on wishing + waiting. I had to switch gears. I had to focus on seeking Him over him.

And that's the best part. Matt + I met a few months later. Want to know how? 
His blue-eyed scruffy face knocked on my front door, just as I had casually said only weeks earlier! There's a backstory to how he ended up there, but it's how we first said hello. Although we had never met, it was like catching up with an old friend.

But you know, I had expected that longing feeling in my heart to disappear when I finally found the guy. Funny thing is that longing never fully goes away until we relentlessly seek Jesus, even while in a relationship. Through our waiting + wishing, God was molding our hearts to be more like His. He was teaching me to fall in love with Him than with him. He showed me that no man's charm can compare to Christ + no man's hugs are quite as powerful as arms stretched out on the cross. 

To my single gals:

If you're in a season of waiting on a man, why wait? Why believe the lie that the only way to fall in love is with a man? Try falling in love with Jesus first. Try ogling over the Gospel before ogling over "future wedding" Pinterest boards.

And to my taken gals:

Whether you're on cloud nine or discouraged in love, don't expect your man be your Jesus. If you do, you’ll still experience that longing for a love that doesn’t ever disappoint. People disappoint, no matter how handsome they are. Jesus never does.

I know sister, it can be a battle. My heart's felt what you're feeling - the waiting + longing for romantic love AND the realization of my desperate need for the love only Jesus can give, even after I met Mr. Right. 

The truth is that neither our singleness nor our relationships can satisfy.

Because whether or not we wear a ring, every single one of us deserves a man that would die for us. And every single one of us HAS that man whether we realize it or not. He DID die for me, and He died for you, 2000 years ago, on a cross. 

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