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The Pebble Story: Address the Nagging Heart

The Pebble Story: Address the Nagging Heart


As I walked along this morning, I noticed a little irritation in my shoe. 

At first I ignored it, because I was on a mission to get to my next task, right? 

So I struggled along as a blister formed on the back of my heel. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. And I stopped to see what on earth was hurting inside my boot. 

Low and behold, I found the culprit.

A tiny pebble.

"Stinkin' pebble", I thought, zipping my boot back up and focusing on the next task of the day: grabbing a cup of jo. 

But as I stood in line at the coffee shop, I realized I wasn't being irritated by a pebble just to focus on the next task at hand. But instead to REFOCUS on that which I was shoving to the back corner of my heart.

I began to think about how the little nagging of the pebble is similar to the nagging on our heart strings. 

The dreams God writes on our hearts seem too big and unreachable, so we focus on filling our days with a bunch of busy-ness. 

But the little pebbles in our boots that spend half our mornings nagging us may be tiny reminders of the big meteors. And the the big meteors are God's dreams scripted across our hearts that know are there, but don't know how to address, so we let them sit and collect dust. 

Friends, let's remember this today:

Although this season may be busy, although all hope may seem lost, although we may feel incapable on our own, we cannot ignore the pebbles God uses to point is to the meteor - the bigger plan.  

I wish we could all snuggle up with coffee by a fireplace, take off our shoes, identify the pebbles in our boots, and encourage each other to keep pressing on. 

But for now, let me encourage you to address the nagging on your heart - to kick off your boots and believe that no dream is too big and no purpose is small. 

Refocus. Call on Jesus. Make it happen. 

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