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Bacon Bits of Truth: Uncovering Identity

Bacon Bits of Truth: Uncovering Identity

Today I found myself feeling irritable. And by irritable I mean annoyed. And by annoyed I mean jealous.

And by jealous I mean inadequate. 

While eating my apple + walnut + bacon + chicken salad (yum!), I stared into the black hole of envy otherwise known as my phone screen. I sat there for far too long focused on all the wrong things. And I knew it, too. It's strange how comparison can be like a weird addiction. My eyes glued to the screen as my heart grew annoyed at all of the seemingly perfect couple pictures, successful authors, beautifully coordinated outfits, flawless hair (and proceeded to LOL at my hair styling attempts), popular blogs, successful businesses, the list goes on. 

As I stared aimlessly at the screen in my hands, I nearly forgot about the hands the made me, stamping my true identity across my heart.

I was so absorbed into the staged, filtered, and hashtagged world for a moment too long because apparently I forgot to chew. And I started choking on a bacon bit.

Yup. A bacon bit.

Coughing, eyes watering, making a scene, I dropped my phone and jumped up to grab water. 

After I gathered myself, I began to laugh. Because I realized how pathetic yet necessary this whole hot mess moment was. It literally took choking on a bacon bit to break my focus on comparison. Granted, my immediate refocus was on saving my life by getting water. But in doing so, I was reminded that the real Savior of my life is Jesus. But unlike the water that helped the bacon bit go down, He IS the living water of salvation. 

I'm grateful for that bacon bit. Because in some weird way, it had a beautiful distracting power. A measly bacon bit distracted me from the bitterness of comparison so that I could refocus on the sweetness of the Savior.

And isn't that just like Jesus? Giving us little bits of truth (in my case today, it was made of bacon) to remind us that life is not designed for comparison. It robs us of joy. It destroys our ability to embrace our worth as a masterpiece. It damages our appreciation for the sacred fibers intricately woven together to form our unique purpose.


For a moment, I sat in awe Jesus's creativity and His ability to use a bacon bit to etch His truth about my identity on my heart. I'm reminded to turn off comparison. To realize its okay to not be a replica. To be unique. To be grateful for rather than envious of the gifts of others. To embrace who we are, to succeed differently, to struggle openly, and ultimately, to pursue what we are designed to pursue: the heart of our Maker.

Because in the end, we weren't made to wear the boring clothing of this earth but instead, the glorious clothing of Christ. 


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