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10 Things Pinterest isn't Telling You

10 Things Pinterest isn't Telling You

When I look at Pinterest, I feel small. I spend hours staring at all the amazing DIY projects, beautiful women in perfectly color coordinated outfits, incredible fairytale weddings, to-die-for crate and barrel kitchens, and every other perfect pin idea that no one has time to actually bring to real life.  As I sit there, I begin to compare myself and think, "I can't live up to that" and "I'm not talented nor beautiful nor crafty enough." 

I listen to those lies. I believe those lies. 

But I got to thinking. Every person behind each and every one of those pins has a story. And maybe just maybe, we shouldn't compare so much because sometimes, it's not as picture perfect as it may always seem.

There are some things pins and re-pins just can't tell you. 

Want to know why?

1. Because maybe that girl who rocks those size 0 jeans is battling an eating disorder. 

2. Because maybe that perfect DIY project was created by a woman who just lost her husband and copes by crafting.

3. Because maybe that ever so perfect fairytale wedding was actually a miserable day because the bride's father couldn't stand her groom.

4. Because maybe that beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen was actually burned down in a fire just weeks after the photo was taken.

5. Because maybe the girl with the beautiful smile was abused as a child.

6. Because the girl with the perfect looking boyfriend? Maybe he hit her in college. 

7. Because maybe that perfect family photo on the beach was the last the family photo they all had together before the father walked out on the family.

8. Because maybe that beautiful pregnant woman showing off her flawless baby bump without a single stretch mark miscarried her baby shortly after the photo was shot.

9. Because maybe that girl with a beautiful group of friends is addicted to drugs or felt incredibly isolated in high school.

10. Because maybe each person in the Pinterest perfect photos, each creator of every Pinterest idea, craft, project, and outfit? They ALL have a story. They all have scars, they all have flaws, they all have their demons and battles that pins just can't tell you.


So stop ogling over that beautiful model and hating yourself for not looking like her. Her heart very well may be hurting, her life very well may be broken, and she may very well wish she had what you have, instead.

Before you begin to question if you'll ever measure up as you look in the mirror realizing you'll never be a size zero, wondering if you'll ever find "the one", and laugh at your attempted crafts and DIY projects, remember that just because your life may not look like Pinterest, it doesn't mean that your life is any less beautiful or any less pin-able.

You're a Daughter of the King. And THAT is pin-worthy! 

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