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Walking with God: Heaven in a Half Mile

Walking with God: Heaven in a Half Mile

Today I went for a walk.

Well, actually, my walk was an accident that was about two miles in total (at least I had my comfy pants on). I actually didn't plan on walking that far at all today. But the way things worked out, to get home from the coffee shop, it was either wait half hour for a bus, or hike. 

I chose to hike, despite the fact that my phone was at 16% battery life. The first mile and a half of my hike was spent with my eyes glued to my phone. Because what could be more important than catching up on emails, chatting with my mama and Matt about wedding plans, and reading articles on new fall trends? 

With about a half mile remaining in my trek, I noticed my battery life read 1%. "I sure hope my phone doesn't die," I thought to myself, "I'll be so bored the next 10 minutes."

No sooner than that thought crossed my mind, the screen went black. I was so bummed.

But then it occurred to me that God was intentional with my phone's lack of battery life. He wanted me to NOTICE Him, to see what He had in store for my heart today, to savor a few moments of soul sanctification. But He knew that I'm too human to be self controlled enough to fire my phone as my boss. So, He did it for me, against my will.

And I'm so glad He did.

I began to look at the leaves, noticing the way the shapes of each leaf varied from tree to tree. Not one was the same. Each one unique, some changing colors, some still green, some larger, some smaller. I noticed small red berries growing on some vines, the sun shimmering through the branches, a butterfly fluttering, people laughing, cars zipping, and the wind whispering sweet melodies.

It occurred to me that Jesus was present in the souls of each walking stranger and in the driver each passing car.  He was in the smiles, in the breaths, in the steps, in all of life -- in MY life!

He moved my feet. He gave me the sweet gift of breath, of two walking legs, of eyes to see. And He gave me the gift of a dead phone so that my soul could come alive.

He ALWAYS walks with us but sometimes He has to remind us of His majesty by eliminating our distractions when we are too distracted to do it ourselves.

Move your feet. Notice the beauty or syncing them with His footsteps. 

Feel the wind. Notice His breath and experience freedom there.

Glance at creation. Notice the holy fingerprints sprinkled on each little leaf and the glints & shimmers of grace shining in the sun.

Take a breath. A deep one. Set down your phone - or just don't charge it - and look this sacred every day straight in the eye. Take a walk, giving Him a half mile of your strides. You might be surprised with what you find.

He is always present, always moving, always walking with you. Even if you only notice in the last half mile. 

Pay attention. 

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